Bio Harmonic Tonic


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Bio harmonically active microbial mix with
Amazon Botanicals and Gemstone Harmonics
for robust expression of plant growth and bloom

More Microbial Communication

More Cannabinoids

More Terpenes


Involving life or living organisms

Active microbial mix including: Bacillus Coagulans, Psuedomonas Flourecens, Bacillus licheniformis, Lactobacillus buchneri, Lactobacillus Plantarum


Camu + Maca + Muirapuama + Humic + Seaweed


A component frequency of an oscillation or wave

Select gemstones are used to imprint a harmonic frequency into the liquid medium of the microbial mix. This harmonic medium facilitates the microbes natural ability to express their intentions in the soil.


Amethyst + Chrysoprase + Opalite


A medicine that invigorates or strengthens

See robust expression during growth and bloom.

Promotes root development

Increases plant growth

Increases fruit production

Increases yield and weight

Increases Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Micro-nutrient uptake

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What Growers Say


Lucas Dowling

Medical Marijuana Grower

“I was astounded with the results and terpene/flavor profiles of everything in the garden!


Some of the plants were further turned into live resin extracts via a licensed hydrocarbon system. Almost all strains  that were extracted yielded over 23%.  Notably Death Star yielded 26-27% and Purple Punch with the  jaw dropping +29% yield after purging.


By far my best harvest yet, particularly with regards to cannabinoid and terpene profile.”

Professor P

Dynasty Genetics

“I’ve witnessed tremendous results germinating seeds with bio harmonic tonic. Over the course several tests it has increased germination % on older seeds as well as faster growth from the beginning. Highly recommended!”

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 10.55.42

Jacob Meyers

Lead Commercial Cannabis Cultivator at Mindful OPCAurora, Colorado

“I wanted to thank you very much for letting me be a part of Bio Harmonic Tonic beta testing and research. Bio Harmonic Tonic has been so effective that I now use it in my entire grow from seed to harvest. I have other cannabis growers ask me how my garden gets so big, I simply tell them its all about the special tonic I use. It has increased my yield and saved me time and money.”

"Amazon" John Easterling

Plant Medicine Researcher

Santa Ynez, California


“Recently, as a breeder, we are constantly germinating seeds in order to evaluate our offspring. So we are used to seeing typical
seedling growth and development. Recently, we began adding Bio Harmonic Tonic by soaking our rooting plugs in the solution
and continued adding it during every watering. We were excited to see the accelerated root growth and development- Amazing!"

Mosca Negra

Mosca Seeds


You Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers


How is Bio Harmonic different than other microbial products?

Bio Harmonic Tonic is a different type of microbial product from start to finish.  While most microbial products are born in a laboratory and parented by people in lab coats, our Tonic is born in nature with a wilder and more diverse beginning.

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Why use Amazon botanicals in Bio Harmonic tonic?

The Amazon rainforest is earth's highest concentration of life energy. The thousands of species of plants in the rainforest are continuously cycling their leaves stems barks and fruits to the rich biomass of the Amazon floor.

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Why use gemstones in bio harmonic tonic?

Every gem stone grows in a specific matrix and has a specific frequency. The matrix frequency of quartz crystal, silicon dioxide, was long ago recognized to be able to receive and transmit Harmonic wave form, that’s why it was used in the first transistor radios, that were also called crystal sets.

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Do microbes really communicate with each other?

Yes, this is an exciting and growing field of study,  not only do microbes  communicate with each other,  they have the ability to form colonies and share resources. Some of the most fascinating new studies is about microbes not only communicating in the soil, to efficiently cycle nutrients to the plant, but actually communicating with the plant.

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This sounds crazy, does it really work?

We agree it does sound crazy,  and yes, it does really work. Our background is working with the therapeutic value of medicinal plants in the Amazon for over 27 years. 

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What’s the best way to use bio harmonic tonic?

It’s Easy, Bio Harmonic Tonic can be used with any cultivation platform. Indoor , outdoor, greenhouse, soil, coco, hydroponics and in conjunction with your favorite current nutrients.  Simply use 3 ML Bio Harmonic Tonic in every gallon of water you use in your grow.

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Does the BHT run through my irrigation system?

Yes, the Bio Harmonic Tonic will run through any standard irrigation or drip system

What about your 100% money back guarantee? How does that work?

If you’re not satisfied we give you your money back.

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Increase Canabinoid Profile

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