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Amazon John Easterling

​John Easterling is an American businessman and environmentalist who served as the CEO and chairman of Amazon Herb Company. Through his work, he strives to achieve the vision of employing eco-commerce as the solution for rainforest sustainability, better health for all, and wealth generation. An eco-entrepreneur and visionary leader, Easterling speaks on how entrepreneurs are ushering in a new era of health and success. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, he received a degree in environmental studies from University of North Carolina. A recipient of the SAFE Water Award, Easterling is a role model for young businessmen. He is an adventure lover and has participated in numerous adventurous activities during his youth. After graduation, John travelled to South America in search of the Lost City of Gold. He was soon trading rare minerals, gemstones, Pre-Columbian artifacts and textiles which were later sold to museums and collectors.​  In 1977, Easterling suffered from hepatitis and was near death, but never full recovered. In 1980, he was riding a canoe when he began to feel ill. He managed to reach a small village but collapsed upon reaching there. Fortunately, the the villagers nursed him back to health, serving him an herbal tea with una de gato, chanca peidra among other things. After taking the tea, his condition improved significantly. His chronic physical pain and mental tiredness diminished. He then realized that herbs were the real treasure. Easterling became acquainted with Dr. Nicole Maxwell, a scientist who had been searching for Amazon herbs for over forty years. She joined him in the journey and their collaboration resulted in the foundation of Amazon Herb Company.The company dealt in the production and marketing of herbs, cosmetics, and products made from herbs. In 2012, Amazon Herb Company merged with international Wellness Company, TriVita.​ John spent years traversing the Amazon Rainforest and studying native botanicals and believes that using these Amazonian herbs mixed with canna plants can be a game-changer for the health industry. He is currently formulating products and focusing on plant medicine research and developing kinder treatments for cancer.

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