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How is Happy Tree Microbes different than other microbial products?

Bio Harmonic Tonic is a different type of microbial product from start to finish.  While most microbial products are born in a laboratory and parented by people in lab coats, our Tonic is born in nature with a wilder and more diverse beginning. Originating with exclusively lactating bovine manure as source material, a natural fermentation and enzymatic process follows with special inoculates used along the way. This creates a lively environment of 100’s of living Microbes that settle into a stable consortium over time. (Human Microbiome research is now showing the greatest benefit is coming not from the highest concentration of individual microbes, but from the greatest diversity). Our special botanical blend is introduced and finally finished with the Harmonic imprint of Gemstone Elixir. This is about an 8 -12 month process. Our product is a dynamic product of many living micro organisms. Per regulatory labeling statues, we list and guarantee 5 on the label.

Why use Amazon botanicals in Bio Harmonic tonic?
The Amazon rainforest is earth's highest concentration of life energy. The thousands of species of plants in the rainforest are continuously cycling their leaves stems barks and fruits to the rich biomass of the Amazon floor.  This rich bio biomass of nutrients, chemistry and microbial intelligence are continuously cycling in this robust, (strongest of the species survive), environment. We choose select botanicals  to imprint these energetics and plant intelligence into the liquid medium of the Bio Harmonic Tonic.

Why use gemstones in bio harmonic tonic?

Every gem stone grows in a specific matrix and has a specific frequency. The matrix frequency of quartz crystal, silicon dioxide, was long ago recognized to be able to receive and transmit Harmonic wave form, that’s why it was used in radios, in fact they were called crystal sets. These technological properties are still being expanded on geometrically for use in electronics, computers, silicon chips,  aerospace technology, communication and space exploration.  Our patent pending process uses select gemstones to create a harmonic field in the liquid medium of bio harmonic tonic. The intention is to create a harmonic environment so the microbes can communicate more efficiently. 

Do microbes really communicate with each other?

Yes, this is an exciting and growing field of study,  not only do microbes  communicate with each other,  they have the ability to form colonies and share resources. Some of the most fascinating new studies is about microbes not only communicating in the soil, to efficiently cycle nutrients to the plant, but actually communicating with the plant. Even more remarkable are the new investigations on potential trans-kingdom communication of microbes with microbes in other organisms potentially including mammals is so groundbreaking. This is why a Harmonic field in the grow space is so important. The relationship between the biological dynamics of the soil, the plant and the intentionality of the cultivator is an evolving field of study in science and physics.

This sounds crazy, does it really work?
We agree it does sound crazy,  and yes, it does really work. Our background is working with the therapeutic value of medicinal plants in the Amazon for over 27 years.  Our plant medicine teachers were the Curanderos in the rainforest. These medicine men look at plants not only for there chemistry but for their energetics and plant intelligence as well. The overriding question is, how do we convert to the fullest profiles of plant biology into human physiology to initiate beneficial responses? So our approach to facilitating growth and expression in plants may be different than others. Our philosophy is to get the plant the most biologically dynamic and harmonically balanced environment, respecting the plant’s natural ability to express it’s fullest intentions. We are happy with our current instrumentation, we can measure increases in cannabinoids, terpenes and biomass. We guarantee your satisfaction as well. We continue to research other instrumentation that can read and explain additional value and points. Providing any additional therapeutic value to the consumer is something we can all feel good about.

What’s the best way to use bio harmonic tonic?

It’s Easy, Bio Harmonic Tonic can be used with any cultivation platform. Indoor , outdoor, greenhouse, soil, coco, hydroponics and in conjunction with your favorite current nutrients.  Simply use 3 ML Bio Harmonic Tonic in every gallon of water you use in your grow. From germination, seedling, vegetative state, through flower, all the way to harvest. Using it straight through the grow cycle allows the microbes to colonize the rhizosphere, begin cell to cell communication and accelerate seedling root growth ( especially lateral and  fine root hairs ). As plants go into Veg the Tonic will increase nutrient cycling and Nitrogen uptake. In Flower, as the demand for Phosphorous grows,  the Tonic will mobilize previously unavailable sources of Phosphorous and micro nutrients for maximum expression of cannabinoids and terpenes. Some growers are in love with using as a direct spray on roots when transplanting ; use 9 ml per quart . This same concentration also makes a wonderful foliar spray.

Does the BHT run through my irrigation system?

Yes, the Bio Harmonic Tonic will run through any standard irrigation or drip system.

What about your 100% money back guarantee? How does that work?

If you’re not satisfied we give you your money back.

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