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What Gardeners Say

What Others Say: In the Press

Lucas Dowling

Medical Marijuana Grower


“The day after I used Bio Harmonic Tonic I noticed a new layer of trichomes over my plants and their flowers.  I first introduced the tonic to my organic garden during the final 2-3 weeks of flower 2018 via a compost tea feeding. 

I had been using other microbes and compost teas throughout the plant's lifecycle, taking careful note of plant health and flower status.  Despite the varying flowering stages of the different indica and sativa strains in the garden, I immediately noticed trichrome production increase on all plants 24 hours after feeding the plants the tonic.   I also noticed an increase in plant resiliency to cold and moisture. I had living plants in late November weather with continuous nighttime temperature drops of 24 degrees F. 

Some of the plants were further turned into live resin extracts via a licensed hydrocarbon system.  Almost all strains  that were extracted yielded over 23%.  Notably Death Star yielded 26-27% and Purple Punch with the  jaw dropping +29% yield after purging.   I was astounded with the results and terpene/flavor profiles of everything in the garden.  By far my best harvest yet, particularly with regards to cannabinoid and terpene profile. 


If your growing for flavor, Happy Tree Microbes is one of the 'special ingredients' you've been looking for.
“I am currently still using the tonic in my garden and have the biggest plants I've ever seen this time of year (+7 ft – June 13th ; indica seed start march 3rd).  I am a believer in the high quality microbe profile and diverse amazonian food source that is present in the tonic.  I believe and see how it builds a stronger soil food web and thus plant. In working with and cultivating cannabis for many years, I further noticed the uniqueness of Bio Harmonic Tonic with the energy/life-force it represents, brings with it, and how it integrates this with its environment.  My plants specifically requested I call Amazon John after meeting him at a cannabis business conference in Las Vegas.  I'm glad I listened because the overall improvement in terpenes, yield, and plant vitality that I've noticed in my gardens has been astounding.  I highly recommend this product to all growers.”

Mike Bowers

Cannabis Cultivator
Monarch Farms Colorado

"Our control group of six plants yield 8 oz/plant consistently overtime however with introduction of microbial additive the yield increased 50% immediately and has maintained this increase 3 straight crops. Only problem encountered was minor tip burning which was attributed to increased efficiency of nutrients. Initially 6 ml. per liter of water of MA was used but was reduced to 3 ml. per liter and nutrients were also reduced. Growing medium:soil conclusion: with addition of microbial additive less nutrients can be used better results. All soil is recycled with fresh soil. Recycled soil is still incredibly black and we think we could use 100% recycled soil. Consumption of water is up because plant appears to better metabolize. Trichome production when examined under 60x magnification appears significantly increased. Plants have to be cropped and bent numberous time because plants grown into and above 8 feet which is the level of the lights. We are ecstatic about results using this product and will continue to use it religiously. If you require further documentation or want specific information feel free to contact us. Thank you very much. Please note that we grow 2 plants under each light... Yield per light 24 ounces using MA 1000 Watts."


Jacob Meyers

Lead Commercial Cannabis Cultivator at Mindful OPC
Aurora, Colorado

"I wanted to thank you very much for letting me be a part of Bio Harmonic Tonic beta testing and research. Bio Harmonic Tonic has been so effective that I now use it in my entire grow from seed to harvest. I have other cannabis growers ask me how my garden gets so big, I simply tell them its all about the special tonic I use. It has increased my yield and saved me time and money. The observation for Bio Harmonic Tonic was conducted on cannabis strain, Starhill Haze (sativa dominant), which was grown in a 5’ x 5’ Secret Jarden DR150 tent under a 1000w hps (high pressure sodium) light. Test was conducted in controlled environment with two plants cloned from the same mother plant, labeled A and B. Plants A and B were planted in a SmartPot, the medium used was a 60/40 blend of coco coir and perlite. The test plants were each given the exact amount of nutrients for feeding. Plant A was given Bio Harmonic Tonic at an application rate of 5ml per gallon every other feeding. Plant B was not given any Bio Harmonic Tonic.

Coco coir is a natural anti fugal and anti microbial medium, which has made it a popular choice among commercial cannabis growers, because of this property it is very hard to establish a rhizosphere. However it can be done with the help of powerful microbes and constant inoculations; growers can establish a rhizosphere in coco coir if the feedings are consistent. Results have validated this notion by applying Bio Harmonic Tonic.
One of the Microbes natural byproduct is Calcium (Ca). By taking sap analysis it can be determined whether or not the microbe was being effective in absorption and transportation of nutrients to the plants. After taking a Calcium (Ca) sap reading it was confirmed that plant A had significant more Calcium (Ca) p.p.m. (parts per million) than plant B. This was one of the first indicators that Bio Harmonic Tonic was being very effective in nutrient uptake, improving the plant’s capability to absorb necessary nutrients.

Plants A and B were positioned on opposite sides of the tent, which gave them the same amount of light exposure.  Bio Harmonic Tonic was only used during the flowering stage of 2 months out of a 4 month growing cycle. Observations and conclusions are as follows regarding Bio Harmonic Tonic's effectiveness:

1. Assists in Calcium (Ca) production and Calcium (Ca) uptake in cannabis.

2. Assists in chelating of both macro and micronutrients.

3. Increases the immune system of the plant to help defend it against pests and molds. A pesticide free plant!

4. Increases the weight of plant. Plant A was two ounces heavier than B. Increasing yield by 25%.

5. A visual increase of bilateral root development and production on the outside of the SmartPots used. *Healthy root development is crucial in getting higher yields and developing healthier plants with better pest resistance.

6. A visual increase and production of Trichomes. Plant A had a higher concentration of trichome development than plant B on the top kolas.

Bio Harmonic Tonic is a great addition to any grower’s toolbox. It will assist in the health of any garden and also gives an increase in yield between 20-30%.  It can be used in combination with any nutrient line.  Due to using less supplemental nutrients, it will overall, save the consumer 25-50% in supplies."

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